Peter and his Foundation Quarterhorse Echo
Peter and his Foundation Quarterhorse Echo

Peter Grant is an abstract expressionist painter who lives and works in Huntsville, Alabama and has much to be thankful for after coming through double by-pass surgery. Born in St. Petersburg, Florida, and grew up in Greenville, South Carolina in the midst of an artistic family Peter studied art at Clemson University.   During his military career, Peter further developed his art through photography while traveling the world.  Following retirement, Peter’s love for horses and water began to command more of his thoughts.  Inspired to paint again he focuses on equestrian, sailboats, and true abstract scenes. When not painting he can often be found with his foundation quarter horse, “Echo” or at Lake Guntersville on 30 foot sailboat, “Southern Star”.

But the good life ended with him coming face to face with the reality of facing heart surgery on May 15, 2009.  What he was facing was the ordeal of double by-pass-surgery at Huntsville Hospital.  In April he thought he was pretty healthy but in May he was very sick. He is quick to state, “They saved my life”!  Thanks to David Spillers, CEO at Huntsville Hospital and his medical staff Peter is making a complete recovery!  “All my doctors were quick to make a diagnosis and take the action culminating in Dr. T. Benton Washburn performing the surgery.   Peter said, “Learning to deal with anxiety in his life and finding a “calm place” to go to while putting his trust in the Lord was critical to getting through the ordeal”.  Little did he know this quest for the centering of his life was going to have such an impact.  “Thanks Be To God!”

A side effect from his surgery has been a temporary loss of feeling in his hands and fingers.  Wanting to get back to painting he used painter’s tape to keep the brush in his hand while working on his next painting.   “I’m glad I’m an abstract painter because painting with the brush taped to your hand definitely limits your ability.  I’m not a painter that deals in detail.”  

Peter believes abstraction is purely the simplification of life.  His paintings focus on color and showing the movement and excitement of the moment rather than the true shape of the subject.  He begins with a few lines on a canvas and then quickly turns to his paints and begins applying colors. Although he often has a subject in mind when he begins his paintings, he also relies on his emotions and feelings to create the scene with passion and excitement as his goals.  When painting horses he focuses on capturing the emotion, strength, power, and spirit of the equine through color, rather than focusing on precise details.  By using bright colors in his paintings he expresses the energy and life of the subject.  His abstract approach allows him to not capture but share the emotion, strength, and power of the equine without precise detail.

Peter says, “I hope to share these feelings with you and make it a fun experience.  I am painting what can’t always be seen, it must be felt.  I find great joy in sharing a horse’s life and energy and expressing it through color rather than words or photos. Or the power and energy in the Sail of a sailboat headed to Open Sea.  I strive to enjoy the moment and the fun without thinking too hard.  I sincerely hope you will share in this adventure of color, life and energy.”


2 Responses to “About”

  1. petergrantfineart Says:

    Thank you! Great to get your comment. I have about 6 of these paintigns to have done by the March Road to The Horse 2009.

  2. Todd Thomas Says:


    I wanted to let you know that I am using an image of yours for a few days on our church family’s website while we talk about our spiritual lives… I credited your name and linked your blog so interested folks could see more of your work.

    I am switching the images out weekly and have included a stained glass window from B’ham AL and Mark Rothko. Our website is http://www.churchinbethesda.org if you’d like to see the painting’s presentation.

    With thanks, Todd Thomas

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