Beer for My Horses

Always nice when someone says they have been enjoying one of my paintings.  Ross approached me last night and told me he has ” Beer For My Horses”.  He and his family love it.

Originally the painting was done for a show at Blackstone Brewery.   Thus the name ” Beer For My Horses”.

visit the brewery website : and the go have a beer for me.

also visit my website:

Here is the painting in Ross’s home.


Owned by Ross Williams

Owned by Ross Williams


One Response to “Beer for My Horses”

  1. Harvietta Gribble Says:

    I Love your paintings❗️❗️. I live
    In the USA in Northern Ohio. Small town called Huron……right on Lake Erie one of our Great Lakes. I have been playing Hanging With Friends with a gal from Australia for about four years on my ipad/iphone, I liked seeing your map showing US/Australia it was very interesting We have become quite close Long Distance Friends. I believe she in Queensland.
    Happy Painting. And have a Wonderful New Year❄️❄️❄️❄️

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