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Working on Three paintings

December 30, 2013

Paintings on Dec 29, 2013Working on Three paintings

A mission in California has been requested. Also a horse painting and a chocolate lab….. Bet she won’t be chocolate….. Well here is what has progressed this weekend.


Merry Christmas 2013

December 24, 2013

Taos pueblo missionMerry Christmas I selected a mission painting I did of the San Geronimo Church at the Taos pueblo in Taos, New Mexico.

I also added an article by Sarah of Toonsarah seen at virtual travel.

San Geronimo Church
by toonsarah Written Dec 18, 2011 3217 reviewsk

Our tour of Taos Pueblo started here, at the church that sits in the heart of the village. And isn’t it a stunner, with that combination of adobe and white against the blue sky? I could have photographed it for hours! Only the exterior though, as photographing the interior is strictly forbidden.

This church, the third in the pueblo to be dedicated to Saint Jerome (I have also read four in some sources), was built in 1850 to replace the previous church which was destroyed by the U.S. Army in 1847 in the War with Mexico. That church, whose evocative ruins still stand near the entrance to the Pueblo, was first built in 1619, but destroyed in the Spanish Revolt of 1680 and rebuilt on the same site (see my next tip for more on the earlier churches).
St. Jerome is the patron saint of Taos Pueblo and a santo of him can be seen in the church, as well as one of the Virgin. It is the custom to change the clothing of the santos several times a year, according to the seasons and festivals. When we were there Mary was dressed in a gold-coloured cloth, for the autumn and harvest.

The church has the traditional heavy viga ceiling and is very much in use as a place of worship. About 90% of the Pueblo Indians describe themselves as Catholic, although the majority of these practise this religion alongside their traditional beliefs. Our young guide explained that they saw no contradiction in doing so and that the two belief systems were quite complimentary in their eyes.

Merry Christmas. Or as my Grand Son, Nico says, “Happy Christmas”.

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December 18, 2013

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“Three Horses”is a hit with Sandee and is popular on Facebook at Petergrantfineart.

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This is one of my more popular paintings…. Have to see it on Facebook to get the story of how it was bought.

Huntsville Ballet Compay receives a donation

December 9, 2013

Huntsville Ballet Compay receives a donation

“Dancers” was donated to The Women’s Guild of Huntsville Ballet for their Nutcrackerb Ball.
The Guild strives to promote the school and company in the community, and in turn raises funds to support the school, the company, and outreach programs.

This is the 50th year Community Ballet has provided the ballet productions to our community.

I was more than happy to support.

The “Dancers” went to someone in the silent auction of the evening.

Beer for My Horses

December 6, 2013

Always nice when someone says they have been enjoying one of my paintings.  Ross approached me last night and told me he has ” Beer For My Horses”.  He and his family love it.

Originally the painting was done for a show at Blackstone Brewery.   Thus the name ” Beer For My Horses”.

visit the brewery website : and the go have a beer for me.

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Here is the painting in Ross’s home.


Owned by Ross Williams

Owned by Ross Williams