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Moon Over Guntersville State Park

May 25, 2013

No time to paint when the wind is up and an opportunity to sail. Nothing like night sailing. Another lovely evening with my family!




Painting can Start

May 22, 2013

The president of the Huntsville Art League is now finished and what a relief

New officers elected tonight and glad to pass the effort to them.

Now I can start cleaning up and painting in my studio.


Update to “Max”

May 18, 2013

I feel great about how “Max” has come along.

I think Jeff will be pleased!



May 17, 2013

Max a sweet massive white German Sheppard.  A friend to everyone and as calm and gentle a giant of a dog could ever be.

I affectionately nick named Max “Corn” after his giant ears.  Max passed this last year.

This painting is not yet complete as usual I would like more color.

But may I present “Max” 16″X16″.


Not Started Yet

May 16, 2013

Can’t wait to start painting. It has been way too long and I need to paint.

Look for something soon.


The adventure begins

May 15, 2013

Tonight was my last executive board meeting with Huntsville Art League.

There were some good times but often when one sets out to change an organization there is much frustration.

So it has been with the Huntsville Art League. I am proud of my successes and glad to have new friends on board to celebrate my future art works.

I’m excited about new beginnings for my work



A Few More

May 2, 2013

Just for fun!