Blackstone Triple

New name for one of my paintings in honor of one of the brews at Blackstone. The Blackstone Triple!



6 Responses to “Blackstone Triple”

  1. Lee Ann Says:

    Your equine work is gorgeous! Are there art prints available of your work???

  2. petergrantfineart Says:

    Thank you so very much! Yes, my work is available in prints as.. Giclee… This is a laser jet print on art paper. It has saturations levels that go deeper than a normal print.

    Let me know which painting you are interested in and I will work with my printer to get a giclee made to the size you want of most any painting.

    Thanks again for your interest!

    • Lee Ann Says:

      WONDERFUL!! Thanks for your quick response, Peter! I’ll tell you how I became aware of your work. I have a dear friend in Nashville that saw your work at Blackstone and texted me a picture because she knew I was such a horse fanatic…I have two of my own dear equines that are my life! I would want at least a 16×20…possibly an 18×24. Can you tell me the cost of both of those sizes? And let me look again at your gallery and choose which piece…it’s so HARD because I love them ALL!
      Lee Ann

  3. Lee Ann Says:

    I choose Appaloosa Evening! And I’m sorry, I saw where you had posted about making prints available…I missed that the first time!

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