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Peter Grant a man ahead of his time

February 10, 2012

The completed work... without the bridge.

With Bridge

I love Charleston!

Today I received this title from three friends… they told me they have a photo that resembles a painting I was working and then changed.

The painting is of a landscape of Lisa and Danny’s backyard in Charleston. While working on the piece I considered doing a painting that incorporated the bridge ( Arthur J. Ravenel, Jr. Bridge or Cooper River Bridge) but I didn’t know how to place it. in the painting tohave the effect I wanted.  I could not see it in my photos and figure you could not see the bridge from their home, but I knew the general direction. As an abstract artist I figured I could place it in the sky and get away with it. However, I later painted it out of the painting.

Today I received a photo of the same scene and there is my abstract painting… no wait it is reality.

Here is the photo and the painting with the bridge and how the painting looks completed.

As I was painting the landscape i did not know you could actually see the bridge so that adds to story. Now I may have to do some new for Danny’s office.


Blackstone Triple

February 7, 2012

New name for one of my paintings in honor of one of the brews at Blackstone. The Blackstone Triple!


More from Blackstone

February 7, 2012

Sharing just a few more photos from the Blackstone Brewery in Nashville, TN. Special thanks to Stephanie Weims for approving the show.





Hanging Paintings at Blackstone

February 4, 2012

Setting up the show in Nashville. I think it looks great. But I’m the artist


Work late Hours

February 4, 2012

Late hours is my best time to get some paintings done. Here I am working on another horse painting for my show at Blackstone Brewery.





Another Venue

February 3, 2012

Nancy and Wes Plemons, owners of The Mail Box Store At Jones Valley are now displaying my work

Wes is expecting a sale in the coming days! Thanks, Wes and Nancy!


Work continues for Blackstone Brewery Show

February 3, 2012

This has been a busy week trying to get post cards made and working a couple of last paintings. Not to mention taking the Limelight show down at Huntsville art league

So here are two of the latest paintings just finishing up.



Playing Cards

February 2, 2012

New idea for my artwork from a friend. Playing cards. Thanks!