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Seattle Nutcracker

December 30, 2011

With josh back in Seattle … Christmas makes for a busy time of the year.

Unexpected tickets cause a change in plans and a rush to the theater for excellent seats (front and center stage)

The nutcracker almost every night for Josh results in great seats to see Josh perform. “Kick Ass Josh”. Oh wait I am not to yell that out at the performance.

Standing joke between Josh and I … I must be on my best behavior. Well I try. Since no photos permitted inside during the performance here are a few from around the performance



Seattle center for wooden boats

December 30, 2011

As always a trip to the wooden boat center is a must







Just Fishing Seattle Style

December 30, 2011

Walking the docks near my daughter’s house on Christmas day. Opportunity to see some local color.





Nadia’s Family Portrait

December 30, 2011

Nadia drew a picture of her Uncle Josh, brother Nico, mother Amanda, and Grand Daddy, Peter. Nadia is a very talented 5 year old.



On the News Letter Cover

December 21, 2011


This month’s January  cover of the Huntsville Art League has a front page article promoting my Limelight show, “The World is Brighter with Color”.

The show begins January 4, 2012 and runs through January 31, 2012.  The reception is on the 12th at 5:30 – 9:00 and is open to the public.

I thought Martina did a nice job with the spread.  Thanks Martina.

“Two sailboats on the Water One is Always Racing”

December 17, 2011

"Two sailboats on the Water One is Always Racing" Sold

Exciting news… This painting has been selected for the cover of the January issue of 48North a boating magazine in the Seattle area. The exciting part is this magazine will focus on the Seattle Boat Show Jan 27 – Feb 5 2012.

I am excited for a number of reasons. First it is an honor to be on the cover in such a large metro area like Seattle, but also to be in the issue that covers the boat show.

In the coming days I will display the ad that will be in the magazine as well.

Enjoy the painting… I appreciate my friends for supporting my work. Thank You!

“Horses Gone Wild”

December 16, 2011

"Horse Gone Wild" 30"X40"

Still working paintings for the Limelight at Huntsville Art League. I’m excited about this painting and thrilled that I could let myself go and really get into painting with feeling. Tonight I really felt good about the work I was doing and I know this painting was coming from my heart.

A bit of a struggle but fun to work through the issues and problems. somehow it just flowed.

Please enjoy!

“Looking Good” Finished

December 12, 2011

"Looking Good" Basically, showing off

I think of my horse, Echo and how he pumps himself up as he parades in front of other horses.

“The Queen’s Jewels” 30″X30″

December 12, 2011

The Queen's Jewels 30"X30"

“Looking Good” working all weekend

December 12, 2011

"Looking Good" 30"X40" Horses know when they look good

Not much time for the boat because my focus this weekend was and is on painting. I started a painting this Sunday and it went bad quickly. After church I came back and just let things happen. My painting works better that way and thigns just flowed.

“Looking Good” was a name I came up for this painting. Horses know when they look good and feel good and they love to show off and play… so figured this was a good title for this painting. Still much to do on it but I feel good about it’s progress.