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“Clownfish Fun” Sells

November 30, 2011

"Clownfish Fun" 18"X18"

Isn’t Christmas wonderful. “Clownfish Fun” sold yesterday. This small painting was fun to do and of course with the bright orange color it is one of my favorite small fish paintings.


Horses on the Run continues

November 29, 2011

still working on this one

“Horses On The Run”

November 27, 2011

Horses on the Run 36"X36"

Some the work I have been doing this weekend… Still lots to do. I feel good about the action and color generated in the early development of the painting.

Announcing LimeLight Artist for January 2012

November 27, 2011

Adventure 36"X36"

I’m currently working on another series of paintings for a show I am doing at Huntsville Art League in January 2012. The Limelight for the month of January.  Time and date for the reception is still in the planning stages.

I will announce the reception dates in the coming weeks.

Above is one of the new abstracts i am currently working and will have p several horse painting as well as a few surprise paintings for my Clemson friends.

First Painting 1974

November 26, 2011

One of my orginal paintings 1974

One of my original paintings has made its way to Seattle. This work was created while I was art Clemson University. This was the first piece I did that directed me to seriously start painting.

This work is 30″X30″

Abstract Painting sells at the art league

November 25, 2011

"Untitled" 18"X18" SOLD

This painting has been admired for sometime by a fellow artist. One day it disappears from the wall at Huntsville Art League.

It is getting to be a habit for people to just take my art off the wall when they like it. Well I can’t complain. To sell another painting this month is a thrill.

More of Washington at Night

November 25, 2011

Claude Williams, a great american

Mr. Jefferson is waiting inside

Instead of visiting Martin Luther King and Roosevelt we went to see Claude Williams.

Washington DC at night

November 25, 2011

The Jefferson Memorial at Night and a visit to see Claude Williams at the Vietnam Memorial

Although, I am not normally a guy who likes the organized type of tour I must say this was wonderful.

Traveling through the city at night on a bus and making frequent stops is the way to go.  So many opportunities to see the memorials up close.
A friend suggested I take the tour and so I said OK let’s do it.  No responsibilities made the trip interesting and relaxing.
There was even a point for a little excitement when we broke from the tour and ran over to the Vietnam Memorial to see Claude Williams.  Thinking the bus would not stop there and know I hate to miss an opportunity to visit the Vietnam Memorial we broke ranks and ran to the site and then got back before the rest of the group had finished the scheduled visit.  Out of breath I felt so good about the experience.
Then about thirty minutes later the bus pull up at the Vietnam Memorial and said, “you have 30 mins to visit the memorial”.  Oh well the adventure was thrilling and well worth the breaking from the group.

Below The Radar Opening Soon

November 23, 2011

Beautiful and very Simple logo!

Yes, we hope the beer will be brewing in January and the pub will be open in February. Looking for the opening soon at the “Old” Huntsville Times Building in downtown Huntsville.

Good luck guy! Great beer is coming to Huntsville.

Update from Steve:

Currently gutting the interior of our building.  We hope to start construction next week – building walls, bathrooms, bar …  We also hope to have the new floor poured and floor drains installed by 10 December.  Then we can move the brewing equipment inside and set everything up.

Web site development is underway and should be operational in the near future.

Sailing at Annapolis

November 23, 2011

They might need a traffic light down there

The kids handled the light breeze as champs!

While walking across a bridge at Annapolis, Maryland last month I notice a small fleet of Prams sailing in the water below.
Two of my uncles, Burt, and Abner DeChant were the founders (early 1950’s) of the Pram club in St. Petersburg, Florida. Burt and Abner took troubled kids from broken homes and got them started in these small boats sailing in the waters of Tampa bay.
As I watched these kids maneuver these little boats and remember my early days of sailing. Wow, long time ago. Abner gave me my first boat at about age 10.