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Paris, France footbridge

July 28, 2011

During one of my last painting classes I was showing my students how to make their work more simplistic. I brought in several photos I took for the class to paint using inks and markers.

This one painting is one I did of Pont Des Arts, footbridge across the Seine River in Paris.

The colors are a bit off in the photo, but I like the composition and wanted to share the painting anyway.

Between 1802 and 1804, a nine-arch metallic bridge for pedestrians was constructed at the location of the present day Pont des Arts: this was the first metal bridge in Paris.

Damaged by attacks in World War II and multiple collisions by boats the bridge had to rebuilt.

The present bridge was rebuilt between 1981 and 1984 “identically” according to the plans of Louis Arretche, who had decided to reduce the number of arches from nine to seven, allowing the look of the old bridge to be preserved while realigning the new structure with the Pont Neuf.

"The Footbridge" 10"X14"

The inspiration.


“Off To The Races” Finished

July 26, 2011

"Off To The Races" 30"X40" acrylic

“Off To The Races” Update

July 26, 2011

People who have seen “Off to the races” ask why I didn’t include the horse’s eyes. This painting is not about the eyes of the horse, but about his heart and his legs.

He is moving down the track on his way home carried by his fire and spirit. His drive is coming from the desire to finish and to run as hard as he can.

Dan Fogelberg’s song, “Run For The Rose” says: “Run for the roses as fast as you can.” and “Fire of the mare and strength of the stud is what drives you and carries you home”.

This is not about eyes, but about heart and legs.

Heart is driving you home!

“Off To The Races”

July 25, 2011

Work has begun on “Off To The Races” and I feel good about its progress. A long time ago a friend told me to appreciate where I am and be satisfied with what I have done. Well there is a drive to want to do better, but I really feel good about how far I have come and where I am going with my painting. I am really thrilled with this particular painting.

I saw what I wanted to paint in my mind and have stayed focused to that end.

This one is not finished but well on its way.

"Off To The Races" 30"X40"

Started new Horse paintings

July 24, 2011

Now that I have complete some work with the Huntsville Art League I have a little time to get back to my own work.  This sketch was started on a page of ‘Cowboys and Indians” magazine.  BTW, a great magazine.

Look for more paintings to appear in the coming days as I work through various art issues.

A sketch of a horse is developing on canvas.