“Moving On” $750

"Moving On" 24"X24" $750














A new painting finished this memorial weekend called “Moving On”. This 24″X24″ painting is one of the simplest paintings I have done in a long time. Total freedom with just letting colors arriving on the canvas and just going with the flow of emotion.

I chose “Moving On” as a title simply because it is my depression period … (no not really, but everyone asks why am “I using more black).  Actually, the brush strokes seem to shown movement from upper right to lower left.

The name of the painting could be many other titles.  It is always interesting to hear what people see and think I intended to be painting…  They never truly understand when I say just color on canvas.   But, that is OK.  This is the one I felt comfortable with just exploring the same brush strokes and let the colors predict the next color placed on the canvas.   The colors or really the strokes just make me think of a current or water moving along its way.  Maybe the colors are the light of a beautiful sunset. 

Contact grantp@hiwaay.net for more information on this or other paintings.


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