FREE UP CLASS to be taught

Katie's painting from art class

I will be teaching another “Free Up” art class this summer. Please check the dates and times below the detailed schedule.

So often we artists are restricted by rules.  It effects our expressiveness and creativity.

 I am teaching a class to help artists retain their thinking patterns and just feel process rather than think the process.

It was Picasso who siad he has spent a lifetime learning to paint like a child.

The Classes are taught at Huntsville Art league and you can sign up by calling: 1.256.534.3860.

Or E-mail me at 

• FREE UP I Peter Grant
Learn about abstract expressionism and ‘free up’ your artistic endeavors as you progress towards finding your ‘style’. Class
Focus is on exercises to help the student ‘find their creative voice’. All supplies provided. Students may choose to bring a notebook or sketchpad to record their progress.
MA-5 June 9, 16, 23, 30
4 Thursdays —6:30-8:30PM
$80 MBR/$90 non-MBR
• FREE UP II Peter Grant
More exercises in abstract expressionism and painting (acrylic) on canvas to develop your creative expression. Paints and brushes provided for use in class. Bring a canvas of your choice (max size-16X24). Students may also choose to bring a notebook or sketchpad to record their progress.
MA-6 July 28, August 4, 11, 18
4 Thursdays —6:30-8:30PM
$80 MBR/$90 non-MBR

Speaking of painting like a child. A dear friend sent me a photo of a recent painting her daughter did. Of course I like it because of the subject and then the color, but there is more to it.

It is just a pleasing painting with wonderful warm colors and lots of action going on without being confined to exact details. I love it. Please Join me for one of my “Free Up” classes.


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