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Gardenia in the Garden

May 30, 2011
Gardenia in the Garden










I was able to photograph this gardenia blossom before it opened.

I love the fragrance of a Gardena.


“Moving On” $750

May 30, 2011

"Moving On" 24"X24" $750














A new painting finished this memorial weekend called “Moving On”. This 24″X24″ painting is one of the simplest paintings I have done in a long time. Total freedom with just letting colors arriving on the canvas and just going with the flow of emotion.

I chose “Moving On” as a title simply because it is my depression period … (no not really, but everyone asks why am “I using more black).  Actually, the brush strokes seem to shown movement from upper right to lower left.

The name of the painting could be many other titles.  It is always interesting to hear what people see and think I intended to be painting…  They never truly understand when I say just color on canvas.   But, that is OK.  This is the one I felt comfortable with just exploring the same brush strokes and let the colors predict the next color placed on the canvas.   The colors or really the strokes just make me think of a current or water moving along its way.  Maybe the colors are the light of a beautiful sunset. 

Contact for more information on this or other paintings.

An Evening On The Water at Sunset

May 29, 2011

Sunset is so beautiful on the water


The wind always picks up at sunset


Not completely alone on the water... Two ships passing in the night.

I’m always thrilled

May 29, 2011

Two horse paintings at Stacy's home

I’m always thrilled to see a painting but then to see two of them on someone’s wall several years later I am honored.

What a treat to go to Facebook and have a photo of the paintings… BTW, the red one is Echo, my own quarter horse.

Stacy, thanks for sharing this photo. I am so glad you are enjoying the paintings!  I think the walls are beautiful.

FREE UP CLASS to be taught

May 27, 2011

Katie's painting from art class

I will be teaching another “Free Up” art class this summer. Please check the dates and times below the detailed schedule.

So often we artists are restricted by rules.  It effects our expressiveness and creativity.

 I am teaching a class to help artists retain their thinking patterns and just feel process rather than think the process.

It was Picasso who siad he has spent a lifetime learning to paint like a child.

The Classes are taught at Huntsville Art league and you can sign up by calling: 1.256.534.3860.

Or E-mail me at 

• FREE UP I Peter Grant
Learn about abstract expressionism and ‘free up’ your artistic endeavors as you progress towards finding your ‘style’. Class
Focus is on exercises to help the student ‘find their creative voice’. All supplies provided. Students may choose to bring a notebook or sketchpad to record their progress.
MA-5 June 9, 16, 23, 30
4 Thursdays —6:30-8:30PM
$80 MBR/$90 non-MBR
• FREE UP II Peter Grant
More exercises in abstract expressionism and painting (acrylic) on canvas to develop your creative expression. Paints and brushes provided for use in class. Bring a canvas of your choice (max size-16X24). Students may also choose to bring a notebook or sketchpad to record their progress.
MA-6 July 28, August 4, 11, 18
4 Thursdays —6:30-8:30PM
$80 MBR/$90 non-MBR

Speaking of painting like a child. A dear friend sent me a photo of a recent painting her daughter did. Of course I like it because of the subject and then the color, but there is more to it.

It is just a pleasing painting with wonderful warm colors and lots of action going on without being confined to exact details. I love it. Please Join me for one of my “Free Up” classes.

A Windy Evening Sail

May 25, 2011

As night falls "Southern Star" picks up speed

Winds at 5 to 10 with a few white caps

On these warmer days geting out on the boat in the evening proves to be relaxing and rewarding.

The wind picks up after the sun sets and makes for a very nice sail.

Peter Grant elected as President of the Huntsville Art League

May 23, 2011

Last Tuesday while in Baltimore I was elected as the new President for Huntsville Art League. As if the President of the Huntsville Art League’s Advisory Board wasnt enough I have jumped in with both feet to help the organization focus on promoting art in the Huntsville area and help the league with the marking campaign. The following is the first new letter I wrote for the President’s letter.

If you live in the Huntsville area I invite you to join us and get involved. There is a lot going on as the city of Huntsville grows with the expansion of Redstone Arsenal. We need your support and involvement.

New President’s Slogan: “Where Art Starts”

We are moving into some exciting times with Huntsville Art League!

Thank you for your vote of confidence for me as your President. Your new board members are excited to be part of the team for the 2011 – 2012 year. Please welcome: 1st VP- Martina Svoboda; 2nd VP- Marc Hilden; Secretary Susan Clanton; and
Treasurer Fred McBride.

We owe a special thank you to Dan Tatum as your 2010 – 2011 President and his board: 1st VP Martina Svoboda (Replaced Connie Cook); 2nd VP Ann Steverson; Secretary, Susan Clanton; and Treasurer, Mary Ellen Davidson. Their hard work at Huntsville Art League is appreciated!

We have much to accomplish with the coming year and I look forward to the challenge.

First of all I want Huntsville Art League to be known throughout the community as the place “Where Art Starts”. Well this doesn’t mean we replace the many wonderful art museums, galleries and other fun places in Huntsville. What it does mean is we are a home for every artist of all backgrounds and experiences where they can learn and develop their skills and talents. From the art league they can reach out and explore other organizations but Huntsville Art League will always be their home. I see The Huntsville Art League as a ‘home base’ where people of all ages, abilities, and cultural backgrounds can get started on or continue on their artistic path.

My vision for Huntsville Art League:

Expand our visibility and increase awareness of ‘who we are’ and ‘what we do’
Increase and improve on our educational offerings and programs
Increase awareness to younger artists and children there is a place for them
Strengthen our relationship with our Alumni Artists
Improve relations with all the other art organizations in the community
Strengthen our sponsorship programs and our financial base
The Advisory Board becomes a voice and connection to the community

We need your support. Please keep volunteering and getting involved with our many programs. I know it is difficult to take time from our busy schedules. Each of you is important to Huntsville Art League and we need your talents to make us a place “Where Art Starts”!

Thank you for your support of Huntsville Art League,

Peter Grant, President
Huntsville Art League
bb: 256.509.0449 Email: “Where Art Starts”

“Much Color” produces a lot of interesting focus points!

May 21, 2011

"Much Color" 30"X30" $900

An exciting and fun painting to bring all kinds of emotion within the surface of the canvas. “Much Color” has a lot of interesting smaller paintings with in the work. So there is very much for the eye to explore.

Enjoy! Contact me at if you are interested in this painting or any of the others on the website at Also, remember prints are available for most all of the paintings.

THERE WILL BE NO TRIPPLE CROWN WINNER AGAIN THIS YEAR as Animal Kingdom comes in second at the preakness.

“The Herd Bumping and Grinding” SOLD

May 21, 2011

This painting is 36"X30" and feel shows the excitement of the inner workings of a herd of horses moving through open fields.

One of my most favorite horse paintings…”The Herd Bumping and Grinding”

Needless to say I am thrilled… particularly when it is a painting I am most fond of.

Please don’t misunderstand. I do not sell paintings I am not proud of, but some are more “me” than others and this is one I love!

Baltimore’s Inner Harbor

May 21, 2011

Pride of Baltimore II Pride of Baltimore II was commissioned in 1988 as a sailing memorial to her immediate predecessor, the original Pride of Baltimore, which was tragically sunk by a white squall off Puerto Rico in 1986, taking her captain and three crew members down with her. Both ships were built in the Inner Harbor as reproductions of 1812-era topsail schooners, the type of vessels, called Baltimore Clippers, that helped America win the War of 1812 and finally secure its freedom.

The USS Constellation one of our nations first great war ships. A triple-masted sloop-of-war launched in 1854, the Constellation is the last Civil War-era vessel afloat.

The National Aquarium

The last ship of the attack of Pearl harbor. This cutter notable as the last ship floating that fought in the attack on Pearl Harbor, although she was actually moored in nearby Honolulu Harbor not Pearl Harbor itself.


An extended stay in the Washington DC and the Baltimore area left with a few extra hours of free time so I headed off to Baltimore’s inner harbor before catching a flight back to Huntsville.. Baltimore inner harbor is an exciting place with historic ships to explore and a beautiful walk along the harbor walk.

The inner harbor has been one of the major seaports in the United States since the 1700s and started blossoming into the cultural center of Baltimore in the 1970s.

Full of wonderful dinning areas; galleries; cruises; museums; National aquarium; and just a fun place to visit.

The National Aquarium houses sharks, dolphins, rays and tropical fish among the more than 16,000 creatures in naturalistic exhibits, including a walk-through rain forest, an exciting live-action dolphin show and a new Australian exhibit.

I hope to return when I have time to really explore and investigate this wonderful harbor.