Starting The Holy Spirit Garden

Without my favorite helpers I started the holy spirit garden today. On Good Friday! Amanda, Nadia, and Nico are not here to help but they are in my heart. Of course I always planted the garden for my mother, Granny and so I’m sure she is sitting here somewhere observing and advising. I know she will approve!

For those of you who have not heard of the holy spirit garden you can find it in the book, “The Shack”. A great book about developing a understand of God and how bad things happen to good people. I have read the book several times and it always shares something new.

Anyway, I am also starting a painting this weekend called, : The Garden Behind The Shack”. This is another one of my flower paintings.  Look for it this weekend.

Also, check back and see the development of the garden.  Please understand I am not a gardener, but I love color … so the garden will have color.

This garden is for Josh, Amanda, Nadia, Nico, Michael, and of course Granny.

The first stage of the garden..

Oh of course reds and oranges


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