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“Two Horses” for The Restaurant in Kelso, TN.

February 16, 2011

The Restaurant, 2167 Winchester Hwy Kelso, TN 37348.  Just a super “down home” kinda place with absolutely the best meal you can get in this scenic part of Tennessee.  I highly recommend spending time with Jackie, and Bobby at their place, “The Restaurant”.  Great menu and great food.  

A bit of Jackie and Babby’s history straight from the page of their website: 

When Bobby Rawls witnessed a fully intact roof sailing over his head toward the Atlantic Ocean, he bargained with God.  From the aft-deck of his yacht “High Cotton” he said, “Lord, let us live through this one and You won’t have to deal with us in another one.”  “This one” was Hurricane Wilma and Bobby, his wife Jackie, and their Maine Coon Rockytop was right in her furious path.

Wilma wreaked havoc upon Fort Lauderdale, leaving hundreds of thousands without power and the essentials of life.  Fortunately for the Rawls, “High Cotton” and her on-board generator was truly a port in the storm, and, while Bobby and Jackie were able to keep their lives going aboard the yacht, Bobby wasn’t about to renege on his promise.  Once he had contacted his brother Clyde, the Executive Dock Master at the prestigious Bahia Mar Marina and Resort, they made plans to take a trip “back home” to Lincoln County, Tennessee to see if it would present an opportunity for a new, hurricane-resistant life.

A month later, while Fort Lauderdale struggled to return to normal, Clyde, Bobby, and Jackie ventured to Fayetteville, Tennessee with their heads and hearts full of plans:  buying land, buying and building a house, businesses that they thought would work.  Plans, plans, and more plans.  As they planned, God laughed.  Things were a little more complicated than anticipated and they left Lincoln County subdued but not defeated.  Brainstorming began somewhere around the Alabama line and by the time they reached Ocala, Elk River Adventures and Outfitters was born.  Everyone had been in the boating business in one form or another, so what was more natural than a canoe rental facility with all the accouterments necessary for the adventure?  And just to back this enterprise, they would open a small restaurant.

After establishing a friendship with the Rawls, Bobby asked if I was interested in hanging a painting at their place.  Sure I am always interested in displaying my work in a fine dinning and just a fun place.

So today when good friend John Olshefski some of our friends went to lunch in yes, Kelso TN. I took my latest painting, “Two Horses”.

A common theme from my early paintings is just two horses enjoying the day in the pasture hanging out together and showing affection to  each other.  They may pick a playful fight or just express a bond of acceptance and friendship. 

So here is another attempt to display “Two Horses”

"Two Horses 2011" 30" X 30" Acrylic $900



A close up... I always work fast and just brush the surface of detail. My favorite brush is always about 1" to 1 1/2" thick so I have the broad stroke effect.