Abstract got a little Easier

After putting it away for a while and then going back a new inspiration came over me and I returned to my favorite colors… The green at the bottom was not working but I let a little of it to show through.

I loved the colors across the top of the painting and worked to say that action. I am excited about where this painting has taken me today.

Abstract sill in work update 2... 36"X36" acrylic


2 Responses to “Abstract got a little Easier”

  1. s. renee prasil Says:

    Peter- this is perhaps my absolute favorite! Just want to tell the general public (and your fans) that you are teaching an art class-“Free Up your Painting Style 1” at The Huntsville Art League starting Feb 24. This four class session is filling up quickly, so reserve your spot today!!! Visit http://www.HuntsvilleArtLeague.org for more info or call 534-3860 to register. (I have signed up already!)

  2. petergrantfineart Says:

    Thank you i feel very excited about this one and love the power it displays!

    Yes, I would like to get a few more into the class… It will be fun!

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