“Mission on the Turquoise Trail”

“Mission on the Turquoise Trail”, I just finished. Worked on this one all afternoon Saturday and into the night and early today..

It is a make-over of a very bad painting I did of it before. The old painting did not stand the test of time.

I love this little mission. It sits atop a small rise and is just outside an old ghost town. I have visited it many times, but never been inside. Oh well, next trip.

Amanda found music channels on the TV for me. I’m sitting here listen to the smooth Jazz station on the TV and drinking coffee… Very nice.

Glad she found those stations for me. Very calming… and good for my health!

Oh, if you compare this painting to the other two I have done … one thing that is really interesting is these were done similar but my abstract expression came through. They all are a little different in technique, but still all Peter Grant’s .. The one has more shadows and more realistic. One is more flatter and the last is very rough in it’s presentation.

Two of these paintings are to be auction off at the Huntsville Museum of Art, (Feb. 5, 2011) and the other is going into the Huntsville Art League show, Limelight Starting Feb 1 through Feb.27, 2011. The reception is the 11th. There is also a “First Friday Reception” on the 4th.

Busy month for me!

This one was fun to paint...


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