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Bronco No.2 and Bronco No.3 are started

November 30, 2010

Work has begun on the next two paintings in the series. I sketched in the broncos and the riders and now using the sketch as a guide to paint. The paint will just go on and I will consider color as a priority for the painting.

"Bronco No. 2" 16"X16"

"Bronco No. 3" 16"X16"


“Bronco No.1” Completed

November 28, 2010

"Bronco No.1" Finished

Now to start “Bronco No 2” and No 3… May do them together. I know one of the paintings will have a bronco rearing and his head will be in the upper left corner of the painting but past that I have no idea where these two paintings will take me.

Updates coming!

Update on “Bronco No. 1”

November 26, 2010

Work continued through the night.

More detail need and looking to introduce brighter colors.

Color comes to "Bronco No. 1"

“Bronco No. 1” Continues

November 26, 2010

After a few additions and changes “Bronco No.1” continues to take shape.

"Bronoc No.1" 16" X 16" the work continues

Bronco Series Started

November 25, 2010

I started on a commissioned series today called, “The Bronco Series” This will be a set of three paintings showing some of the beauty, color, and emotion of the horse.

Note the second painting is an update of the first…  you never know where the colors will take me.

"Bronco No. 1" continues to change

Josh Spends the day on “Southern Star”

November 22, 2010

It has been a long time since Josh has been able to visit me in Huntsville. So I am thrilled to have him here.

A couple of days to ride Echo and a day of sailing has been beautiful.

Josh takes the helm and Chris, Josh's friend trims the sails.


Josh keeps "Southern Star" of the nose of the wind.

Another special day on Lake Guntersville

Josh styles a bit as he keeps the rails balanced

Another beautiful sunset on Lake Guntersville

Josh Comes Home for the week

November 22, 2010

 A wonderful week with Josh here in Huntsville.  Today we rode Echo.

You know when Echo is having fun… he will carry a stick in his mouth for miles on the trail. 

Josh takes Echo through the stream on Hampton Cove. And of course a few sticks.


Josh's friend Chris hasn't ridden since he was 11. Echo takes care of everyone.

Another beautiful day in the Tennessee Valley.

Echo’s new Rider

November 15, 2010

Maren is now leasing Echo and there is an immediate connection.

Heck Echo just loves people..

Maren and Echo

Another great team, and Echo has some training to do.

“Power And Energy” sells

November 14, 2010

I am thrilled to report the “Power and Energy” painting sold this weekend.

I received a call this week from someone interested in the painting for his wife and was interested in making a quick purchase. Saturday we closed the deal.

I am thrilled because this is one very moving painting. I really enjoyed working through this painting. There is truly a lot of power and excitement put into this work.

Part of my “Black Period” I am happy to sell the first of the series.

After the purchase the buyer rushed home to hang the painting to surprise his wife.

It is always an honor to have a painting hanging in someone’s home.

"Power and Energy" 36"X36" Acrylic Sold

Charleston SC

November 4, 2010

Danny and Lisa love the painting,  Now they are asking about where the bridge is so I may have to do another.  I better not take as long as I did on this one.  I do have some other ideas for the bridge.

But this is just a fun little painting of the beautiful view from their backyard.

Charleston SC two panels 60"X30"