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Charleston, South Carolina

October 30, 2010

As so often is the case with some of my paintings… The struggle is on. After several months of thought I have just started putting paint on canvas and stopped thinking about it. Just letting the colors flow.

This is a commissioned work for friends of their view of Charleston, S.C.

I have added the new bridge to give the painting a more conceptual rather than actual view. I hope you like it!

Danny's view of Charleston


May We Always Remember

October 30, 2010

When I’m in Washington DC I always take a few moments to visit my friends at the Vietnam Memorial.

Claude Williams, a friend, gave his life as a USNC Captain in Vietnam in 1966.

May Claude and all that served in Vietnam always be remembered. Not a favorable war, but they went because their country called.

Claude Williams

Washington DC


October 9, 2010

Last night Holly told me the great news that she and Marty are getting married!

I’m so excited and thrilled…. I claim Holly as my other daughter… This is wonderful news. Marty is a great guy and Holly is someone very special too!


Marty Brennan

Go Dawgs!

Cafe Berlin gets 3 Peter Grant paintings

October 7, 2010

Three of my new abstract paintings are now at Cafe Berlin in Huntsville. For great german food stop by and enjoy the food and see two of my new paintings.  BTW, their menu will be expanding next week so stop by and check it out!

Color comes to Cafe Berlin "Untitled" 36"X 36" Acrylic $1,200

:"Power and Energy" 36"X36" Acrylic $1,200

" The Outback" 36"X36" Acrylic $1,200