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And Then the One that Got Away

August 29, 2010

Fishing on lake Guntersville this weekend with Mark resulted in the one that got away story and one was Released at my pond.  

On the water before sunrise resulted in an enjoyable morning of bass fishing. I had one five pounder to the boat and almost in the boat when the line broke.  

Mark caught this 5 pounder a few mins later in another part of Lake Guntersville.  

What does this have to do with painting…. not sure but I love fish so maybe there is a connection.  


Mark on the bow... a mild rain storm came up.

The catch.

The weigh in at 5 lbs

The point of Release

 The Release!


Valley Planet Cover Aug 26 – Sep 15, 2010

August 24, 2010

For the third time I have been selected for the cover of the Valley Planet cover. What a nice honor. I was thrilled when Jill Wood sent me an e-mail asking for the right to use my painting. 

The Valley Planet is a free newspaper published every three weeks by J W Publications in Huntsville. 

There are always neat articles about all kinds of things going on in around the Huntsville area. I’m sure many of you have seen and picked up a copy. It is always full of great information. 

Check out 

"The Clownfish World" 18"X18" acrylic displayed at The Fat Rabbit Grille in Arab, Alabama.

Painting All Weekend Resulted in an Evening Sail

August 23, 2010

Worked on new paintings that I will share later this week.

The late this afternoon headed to Southern Star for an early evening sail… Oh did a little teak staining too.

I hope you can see the moon in the last photo… it was really beautiful and the temperature was perfect!

The weather was wonderful.


The photo does not capture the true beauty.


Sun setting in one direction and moon rising in the other.


I love seeing the moon come up!

Two Large Abstracts are being worked this weekend

August 21, 2010

Yes, back to painting… Working on two large paintings… both 36″ X 36″ for a special show that is coming up in the near future. Details to be announced soon. 

It will be exciting and I’m thrilled so check back soon for the details. 

These two paintings are a spin-off of the martini paintings (at least as far as color selection) and right now the Names for the paintings are “Storm Power” and “Break Out”. 

I have to work quickly with these type of paintings because they are based on emotion and when there is a change in the emotion there will be a change in the style of the painting.  Often a painting will have to get a serious makeover if I can’t regain the emotion of the start of the painting. I never know just where these painting will take me. It is always exciting! 

"Storm Power" in the process... Hope to finish it this weekend.


"Break Out" also expecting to finish this week.

Painting Sells at kala’s Cottage

August 21, 2010

One of my abstracts was bought down at Kala’s Cottage in beautiful Guntersville. Kala’s is an interesting little gift / wine shop in the sleepy town of Guntersville, Alabama.

If you are down that way stop in and get a nice glass of wine.

"The Bull Fighter"

“The Unique Views of Huntsville”

August 20, 2010

“Unique Views of Huntsville” is an annual juried exhibit hosted by
Huntsville Art League and shown at the Huntsville Museum of Art
Exhibit dates: Saturday, Sept 11 thru Sunday Sept 19, 2010. 

Public Reception on Sept. 16, 2010 

My entry is: “Bumping and Grinding at Hampton Cove Equestrian Center” 

This is one of my favorite paintings... Look close you might see Echo in the herd.

Nick’s has a Practice Opening

August 19, 2010

The Martini paintings were a big hit and the food was great. Everyone had a wonderful time.

Deb had a Lemon Drop Martini… her favorite!  Below is a very low light photo of the Lemon Drop martini and the table decorations.  it was a lovely event!  An asset to Southern Huntsville. 

The Holy Spirit Garden Series Gets a slight Change

August 17, 2010

A collector has one of my paintings, “Holy Spirit 3″ and requested that the background change to match her other painting, ” Holy Spirit Flower Garden”. 

An unsual request but because she is a friend and she wanted the change and I agreed to make a modification to the painting. 

Below is the before and after of “Holy Spirit 3”. 

" Holy Spirit 3" The new 16"X16"

Holy Spirit 3" The First.

"Holy Spirit Flower Garden" The painting wanted matched.

The 3 Martini Paintings for Nick’s are done!

August 16, 2010

For your review… It was interesting the first painting took a while to design and took a lot of thought once I felt like I had it structured the way I wanted. But once on the canvas I had to rethink the design. Fortunately, it was easy once I had a thought that was comfortable. Actually painting on the canvas went smoothly. 

Josh says the first one reminders him of a quiet bar in Italy. The other two remind him more of something in South Beach. He should know. 

Well here they are: 

"A Toast to A Great Evening" 16" X 16"

"Let's Party Till Dawn" 18" X 18"



"Chilling" 18" X 18"

Did Not Sleep Welll last Night

August 16, 2010

So I painted and tried to make some progress on finishing up all the paintings I’m behind on. 

These went very well.. but the two new ones need more work. Since my work is based on emotion so often if I’m doing two paintings of a similar subject I will work on them at the same time so the colors and brush strokes follow the same shades and strokes. 

This one is finished!


Still working this one.


I started these two unfinished works together.