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Josh returns from Japan

July 26, 2010

Josh returns from his summer tour of Japan, and I just had to share this photo of life in the fast lane relaxing on a river boat. 

Josh, is here on the East river enjoying the city and the sailboats. He sent me the photo to rub it in a little. 

Josh, back home in NYC and enjoying a relaxing day on the East River.


Wildlife In The Backyard This Weekend

July 12, 2010

A couple of quick shots I took when a few visitors came by. I believe one of them is from the Fat Rabbit Grill in Arab. 

I only had about 5 seconds to get this shot off before he was gone.


This guy was on a mission!

Louisa and Echo Head to

July 10, 2010


Louisa and Echo will be riding in several different competitions in Montgomery this week. Best wishes to you both! 

Since I did not have a current photo of Louisa and Echo I am substituting a photo of my Nadia and Echo. Best Grand daughter in the World and Best horse in the world! 

A Great team!

Amazing Similarties!

July 10, 2010

An artists visited my blog about a month ago and we have become internet friends. She is Laurie Justus Pace and she does amazing work. 

Visit her website some time at: 

While review some of her equine paintings I did a double take because i saw one painting that look very familiar. 

The painting below (which I’m sorry I do not have the name)  looks strikingly similar to one I did a few years ago called, “War Pony”. 

The composition and the choice of colors looked as though they came from the same mixing container. 

Laurie said, “what can I say, but our souls cross beat?”. Guess they did. 

BTW, Laurie and her husband live in Dallas, Texas. Visit here web site. She has many impressive paintings! 

Painting by Laurie Justus Pace


"War Pony" by Peter

Work Continues At the new restaurant, Nick’s in Huntsville, AL

July 8, 2010

Progress is being made as the new sign /logo is installed. 


Nick’s logo goes up on the new restaurant.

Old Friends Hang Several Paintings at The Fat Rabbit Grill

July 8, 2010

Tom and Anya Chapman have opened a new restaraunt in Arab called the Fat Rabbit Grill.  An interesting menu with a lot of Tom’s traditional favorites but he has added a few new items.   They are open for lunch during the week and serve dinner on Thursday, Friday and Saturday night.
It has been a big sucess … so congratulations! 

I recommend the 20 minute trip to Arab from Huntsville is well worth the easy drive.  I promise the dinner will be wonderful! 

I have a few paintings decorating the restaraunt.

"The Bear" 18"X18" acrylic welcomes you to the Fat Rabbit Grill in Arab.

Tom and Anya look forward to your visit to the Fat Rabbit Grill

Nick’s Restaurant In Huntsville, AL gets a signature Peter Grant

July 7, 2010

With the open of Nick’s a feature of the restaurant will be a Peter Grant painting on the wall in the bar. Nick and his wife Sherry are excited to have a painting, “untitled” 36″X36″ acrylic painting to decorate their new restaurant. The painting will be changed out to keep a new and exciting atmosphere in the bar area. 

"Abstract Untitled" 36"X 36" acrylic

This is a photo of the cover for Nick's Restaurant menu. Peter is excited to see his logo design on the cover of the menu.


Spent the 4th of July on Southern Star

July 6, 2010

Took Southern Star out and went down to the Guntersville City Docks and spent the weekend. Just meeting people and talking about boats. Wonderful time just being alone with the boat. She is a dream to sail! 

Southern Star with her holiday flags! at Guntersville City Docks.Out on the water in a mild breeze....

Out on the water in a mild breeze.

Australia Day 14… The Sydney Tower

July 2, 2010

From top of the world down under. What a view of Sydney. An absolute must when in Sydney… The view is fascinating! 

A short walk from the harbor take you to the Sydney tower


A quick 6 seconds and you are at the top of the world.


Looking East over Manley Beach to the Pacific Ocean.


Anyone for American football; Australian rules football; Rugby; Cricket; or just plain old football (soccer).


The harbor on sailing day!


The harbor on a crowded sailing day!