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Sydney, Australia at Night

June 30, 2010

I love the water at night and the Sydney harbor is beautiful and romantic.
The perfect city to visit!  Sydney, Australia 

The Opera House at night... just before the building is illuminated.


The bridge as a ferry pulls in to dock.


National Maritime Museum Sydney

June 27, 2010

this was an exciting time for me and I could have spent all day here. But, tight schedule kept us moving. the boats and ships are spectacular and I recommend a visit. But plan to stay the day to tour each vessel.

There are both inside and outside exhibits.

This is not my photo and do not have the photographers name but thought this shot best showed Endeavour. The Australian-built replica of James Cook's HMB Endeavour is one of the world's most accurate maritime reproductions. When you come on board you may wonder whether James Cook and his crew have just stepped ashore somewhere on their voyage. The table is set, clothes are hung and the cat is slumbering.

A Soviet sub is on display

The museum has a wide a ray of boats... the tug at the end of the line is still active in the harbor.

The destroyer in the 4th photo down… (ship with No. 11) is the HMAS Vampire, Daring class destroyer, 

Kathleen Gillett… participated in the race from Sydney to Hobart in 1945. I love this double Ender.

1956.  This is Australia’s largest museum vessel, is the last of the country’s big gun ships.  After this, Australia’s fighting ships were equipped with rocket weaponry.  The Daring class were the largest destroyers built in Australia.     

Akarana, wouldn't you love to see this boat on lake Guntersville... Sorry that comment is for all my sailing buddies at Lake Guntersville Sail Club

Nadia enjoyed playing on the Endeavors cannon and posing for a photo.

Part of every good museum collection is the emergency light ship.

Australia Day 13 Shopping in Sydney

June 26, 2010

One day we spent time just walking the streets and seeing the city. There were neat places to shop below and above ground and here are two of them… Sydney Central Plaza and The Strand. Great places to just visit the shops.. 

The Sydney Central Plaza… yes under this building is a beautiful shopping area.


I did not venture up the walk way, but we were about 5 stories underground.


Inside the Sydney Plaza …. check out the floors.



A wonderland for shoppers


I love fruit and this was in the food court area.


More shopping in “The Strand” 1851. Australia history does not go back as far as I thought it did. Becoming their own country about 1910.



Inside “The Strand” What a place to shop.

And some say I don't like shopping, but this was fun!

New Restaurant Opening in Huntsville and another LOGO.

June 25, 2010

Nick’s will be opening in early August in south Huntsville.  The high points will be great food in elegant surroundings! Nick promises to bring great steaks at a reasonable price.

Below is the logo I designed for the restaurant to celebrate this exciting moment. 

BTW, some of my paintings will also be decorating the walls of the restaurant and yes they will be modestly available for sale.

We are excited to have Nick in the community. Watch this site and other venues in Huntsville for the announcement of the official opening of Nick’s to south Huntsville.  Congratulations, Nick!

The size of Australia vs. USA

June 21, 2010
Sea turtle #1 sold  Sea turtle #2 sold Sea turtle #3 sold Please visit the rest of my blogs or the Petergrantfineart website for other paintings.

Sea turtle #1 sold
Sea turtle #2 sold
Sea turtle #3 sold
Please visit the rest of my blogs or the Petergrantfineart website for other paintings.

People have often been surprised when I say Australia is almost the same size as the US. Here is a map overlay of the two countries.  Of course this is only the mainland of the USA and does not include Alaska and Hawaii.

So many people visit this post and I was just wondering who everyone is.   Please leave a post and let me know who you are and where are you from?

Additionally, I added an abstract painting I did that (not by intent) resembles the rock, Uluru in Australia.  visit my website:

Enjoy the discussions about the map!



Australia is the part outlined in red.

More Green into my paintings

June 20, 2010

OK, I have been thinking about introducing more green into my paintings so here is a quick study of a friend. Yes the american green tree frog. A beautiful creature.  Hang in there baby! 

Color in the World

June 19, 2010

AS you know I love color… so I could help catching a shot of this dragon fly in the yard.

Austrlia Day 12 Beer Break!

June 18, 2010

Stopped at this lovely hotel, Grand View Hotel for a little dinner and of course a beer. I recommend the Tooheys Old … and the New is fine too.

My favorite is still the Fat Yak beer… a great smooth beer.

A great little place to stay in the Blue Mountains.

another great beer... Helga.

I prefer Tooheys Old but New is good too.

A visiting bowling team from another town checks in... I'm sure they will have some beers too.

“Working Together” in California

June 17, 2010

The Ink Painting, mixed media, “Working Together” will hang in the conference room of Marvin Test Systems (MTS).
The piece is presented to Loofie Gutterman, President, Geotest – Marvin Test Systems of Irvine California. 

I painted this piece using ink; some marking pens; and a few acrylic paints.  originally it was two separate paintings, however the more I studied them they seem to almost fit together.  I added  some connecting lines to permanently hold the two works together.  I thought it was fitting for Marvin Test Systems, simply because of the importance of the people within an organization working together for a common cause.   Usually, my true abstract work has no meaning, but this one conjured up a specific meaning and I couldn’t turn away … so here is: “Working Together”    

"Working Together"



Australia Day 11 “The Rainbow”

June 16, 2010

Perfect ending to a perfect day! While driving in the Blue mountains we came around a curve to view a spectacular beautiful rainbow that went from South to the North. An amazing sight… When we stopped to view and photograph we could not get back far enough to capture the entire scene. Neither, Amanda, my daughter, nor I had a wide enough angle lens with us to capture the beauty in one shot.

So here is what we got..truely amazing… note the second rainbow above the first (in the second, third, and fourth photo).

  Never know what is around the next corner … WoW, how beautiful!

The left side...

The center...

the right side.

So beautiful!