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Australia Day 6 “The Big Fight”

May 29, 2010

A visit with the Kangaroos.. and saw this fight… although I think they were just playing but it was fun to watch.

Sorry the system is not working properly down here and so the edit portion is not working.  Even for me the grammatical errors are bad!    The photos are working…..

Round 1.... The fighters meetAnd there is a right jab.Round 2

ANd there is a right jab to the head.Touch gloves and come out fighting

Touch gloves and come out fightingWhat a hit... Ouch!

Then comes the big kick!


Australia Day 5

May 26, 2010

Heavy rains forced us to stay indoors most of the day. But, again another exciting day as my grand-daughter, Nadia enjoyed her fourth birthday.  

Todays adventure took us to Norman Lindsey’s home and museum. We strolled the grounds and saw his studio and view many of his paintings. A wonderful artist, who created many beautiful paintings. Enjoy the photos….   Sorry the captions got kinda messed up and could not be fixed…  but bet you can figure out what goes with what!  

Norman Lindsey's home, a typical australian rancher.One of the many rooms in the gallery... Norman loved nudes.Amanda had a "mocha" pronounced "mu-cka" Yes, Jack in a can..... a drink prepared for Australians and canned right here in Australia. Mark, they even have Wild Turkey.Nadia's birthday party was held at "Monte's" Pizza was the specialty on the menu. Yes, it was very good!


One of the many rooms in the gallery… Norman loved nudes.Amanda had a mocha, pronounced mu-cka A special drink just for australians, Jack in a can. mark, yes they even have Wild Turkey!Nadia’s birthday party was held at Monte’s… great pizza! Thanks, Monte.


Hat day in Katoomba

May 25, 2010

Amanda and I check out the hats and I get my new Akubra

Amanda looking good!

I love my Akubra.

Australia Day 4

May 25, 2010

this what we saw... the fog was so thick,,, we missed the "Three sisters".

Today we headed out to Katoomba…. Oh, the weather was a bit on the foggy side. But still a great day. We saw a lot through the fog and did a little shopping.

We are just west of Sydney in the Blue Mountains.

This is what the three sisters look like… but…
Friendly Cockatoo greets me at “The Three Sisters”
The birds are just beautiful, but note the fog….

Australia Day 3

May 24, 2010

YOU WANT SOME? This is good stuff!

Today we headed out to visit family on the other side of the Blue Mountains… A lovely drive over the ridgeline to Bathurst. Not much time for photos but here a few shots you might enjoy…

Bathurst city hall...

Kangaroo steak.... you want it? Tastes great


No caption required

I prefer the Fat Yak

Australia Day 2

May 23, 2010

We spent the day at home enjoying family and friends… Each morning the birds come for their meals… Australia is an interesting place! Note the wild cock-a-too visiting the feeder.

Australia, The Adventure… Day 1

May 23, 2010

On the 20th I boarded an airplane headed for Australia. My daughter has invited to me to join her family during a visit down under to meet her husband’s father and family. It will be an exciting trip. The first day we attended an Australian Rules Football game and cheered on the Sydney Swans.

Something really BIG is starting on the 20th

May 19, 2010

Check back often … I hope the next week plus will be an interesting event for your reading pleasure.

And for those of you living in the Huntsville area please get out and see my show at the Huntsville Times. Just ask at the front desk to go back to view the art work. It will be on until June 2, 2010.

One Year Ago…. May 15, 2009

May 16, 2010

I have so much to be thankful for. I have so many wonderful friends that when I was near death (without knowing) and headed for double by-pass surgery I was the luckiest guy alive. I thank God for helping me see through the pain and fear.

I thank  my doctors for having the knowledge to access the issue and the skilfulness to execute the surgery!

My friends came from everywhere and I was so thankful for them. Too many helpful hands to name here, but I know them all. They were here for me and I love them all.

May 13, 2009 the heart cath said I had 100% blockage of one artery and 95% in another.  Surgery was required and my dear friend Linda looked at the Doctor and said OK so when do we do the surgery cause he is not going home.  On Friday morning the 15th of 2009 surgery started.

On the 15th of May 2010 I went sailing with Deb and photos are to follow. Never thought I’d be on the water again. Southern Star handled well.
The painting, “Wind”  (below) is one of my favorite and is in a friend’s private collection,,, Enjoy!

Giclee’s are available so you can contact me at one of my e-mail addresses. The prices are very reasonable.

This was not intended to be a sales pitch for my art work, but rather a thank you to God and all my wonderful friends and family.

I love you, Amanda and Josh!