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Show at “The Huntsville Times”

April 28, 2010

May 5, 2010 through May 30, 2010 I will have a show at the Huntsville times. this show will focus on my Ink Paintings. The public is welcome to visit the show.
Enter through the front door at The Huntsville Times and request at the front desk to view the work.


Charleston, South Carolina

April 21, 2010

South Carolina is the state I love.. the coastal area known as the low country and the western part with the mountains called the Piedmont. I love it all so when I was commissioned to paint a scene from a friend’s backyard I was thrill.

Then I started thinking about my style and the view and how was I going to work those two together. Well needless to say it has not been easy. I have painted it a thousand times in my head. None of which moved me to say that is what I want. So I have stalled. Even had heart surgery to avoid the process.

Well stopped looking a t a blank canvas and started throwing paint. Below are the first efforts to create Charleston. Hopefully, it will be a bit of Charleston and a lot of me. Well here are the first photos of the work as it progresses.