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The Georgia Aquarium is Fantastic…

January 29, 2010

Here are some more photos. Also be sure to visit my web page to see all my paintings. The Nautical Gallery is new so check it out!.

Orange is a wonderful color

Do you like my profile?

Graceful sharks

WOW... Whale Sharks!


Visit to The Georgia Aquarium

January 29, 2010

A wonderful day!

Interesting shapes, colors, and designs make for interesting abstracts.

Up close and not friendly

Beautiful Blue

Bright Yellow

Fresh water blue

Echo takes care of his young rider at the Alabama State Show

January 28, 2010

Louisa and Echo take home the ribbons

I am so proud of Louisa and Echo for their team work. I can’t wait till Nadia returns to Huntsville to ride Echo! Congratulations to Louisa!

Echo lives at Hampton Cove Equestrian Stable. I cannot say enough great things about the wonderful family running the stables. Candice and Shanda are super people doing so much for horses and people. Thanks to you for all you do!

“Inspired by Painter’s Tape” is selected for Collectors Draw

January 22, 2010

“Inspired by Painter’s Tape”
At first, Peter called this painting “Inspired”, because it is the first painting he started and completed after his open heart surgery.
Later he changed the name to “Inspired by Painter’s Tape” because of the influence of painter’s tape on this piece of artwork.

After the surgery Peter could not use his hands or fingers because of some temporary nerve impairment. He couldn’t hold the paint brush in his hand.
Desiring to return to painting he devised a way to tape the brush to his hand. Painter’s tape was the answer. It was easy to tape the brush to his
hand, which allowed him to do what he loves – paint!

Peter believes the blue color of the tape subconsciously influenced his choice of color for this work.

Update: Happily, Peter’s fingers are much better now, and the numbness is almost gone. He continues to paint, minus the painter’s tape.

Painting with painter's tape to hold the brush in his hand.

Peter will select a painting for Huntsville Art League’s Collector’s Draw

January 22, 2010

This is one of HAL’s premier events and is our major fundraiser of the year. HAL solicits original art from local Tennessee Valley Artists. The art may range in value from $150 – $300. This art will be on exhibit at HAL during the month of January.

The day after Thanksgiving, tickets go on sale for the art. The ticket price is $125. Many people like to give these tickets for Christmas presents! There will only be a limited number of tickets, and they will sell out quickly.

Late in January, there will be a reception at HAL for the ticket holders and artists. On February 21st, the Draw will be held, at the North Hall of the Von Braun Center!

All the tickets go into a drum, and Steve Johnson of WHNT will draw them out one by one. The first person drawn will get their pick from the art. The second will get their pick from the remaining art. And so on till all the tickets are drawn. It makes for quite an entertaining afternoon!

Important Dates

November 27 – Collector’s Draw Tickets go on sale

Jan. 1 – Start accepting Collector’s Draw artwork at HAL

Jan. 30 – Reception at HAL for Ticket holders, and artists

Feb. 21, 2009 – Collector’s Draw at VBC, 4PM till it’s gone!

To purchase a ticket: drop into HAL, or mail a note with a check to HAL, (3005 L&N, Huntsville, AL 35801) or call 534-3860 with a Credit Card number.

“Renegades” makeover complete for now!

January 7, 2010

After working and studying “Renegades” for several days I have accepted I like it the way it is. I wanted to make some changes but did not want to change the horses. To really change the painting I needed to do something with the horses too but I couldn’t find myself making that change. 

Working with the background and foreground I did calm tha painting a bit and felt good about that aspect. After working with it I found myself taking the caosis out but then  putting some of the same colors and effects back into the work so I have decided to stop. The painting is working and for now it is time to move on.
Enjoy “Renegades” 30X48″ acrylic.

"Renegades" 30"X48" acrylic $1,000

Christmas on “Southern Star”

January 5, 2010

Updating this earlier post with new photos.
Something I have always wanted to do and I guess inspired by the trip to Seattle I just said I will do it. “Southern Star” was trimmed with blue lights for the sails and white lights for the safety rails. Of course a Christmas Star for the “Southern Star”. Some of my close friends joined me for an evening of good fun and food as we fought off the cold. No one complained as we had heaters and other things to keep us warm. 

"Southern Star" with her Christmas Star

Deb, Peter, and Deena posing for photo.

John "O" said he followed the lights all the way from Huntsville to get to the boat.

A chilly competition help us stay warm. (Kaitlin, Steve, Tina, and Deena)

“Warm Gulf Waters”

January 3, 2010

I love the colors in this fun painting called "Warm Gulf Waters"

The upgrade Continues on “Renegades”

January 3, 2010

Trying to bring a little of the motion back into the picture yet still keeping the simple design .

"Renegades" continues the makeover

96 Roses

January 1, 2010

Every birthday and special occasion I gave my mother roses for the number of years since her birth. I thought I would take a few moments to remember my mother. She passed away two years ago today. New Years Eve 2007 Mother and I watched our last football game together (she loved college football).  Mother went to bed and early on New Years Day passed away. She was a wonderful and very strong lady.  She cared for many people as a physical therapist and taught swimming all of her life.  She asked me that after her death she would like to have her body donated to the UAB medical school for study.  So for almost another two years we have laughed about how she was still teaching and working with people after her death.   

It was a pleasure to care for her during the last years of her life.  I promised myself she would never go to a retirement home. I owed that to her after seeing the effort she put out caring and preventing two brothers and a sister from going to a nursing home.   

Today is a day to reflect on her life!  

Mother's 96th birthday and part of the 96 roses


Desi Brown, mother's close friend and mother at her 96 birthday. They called each other sisters.

Mother's last Christmas. Amy just gave mother a green comforter and Josh and I joined in for the photo.