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“Inspired” or should I call it “Painter’s Tape”

May 31, 2009
First Painting Completed After By Pass Surgery

First Painting Completed After By Pass Surgery

New name is: “Inspired by Painter’s Tape”

At first I called this painting “Inspired” because this is the first painting I started and completed after my heart surgery.

The more I think about it the name might change to “Painter’s Tape”.

I used painters tape to keep the brush in my hand while painting. Guess maybe that is why the blue color paint showed up in this painting as well  (had the blue painters tape in front of me).

Update on my hands… although my fingers are always numb I can use them a little better sometimes than others. So guess that is progress. As I said before what I have been through a little numbness in fingers why should I complain.


New Meaning to the term Painter’s Tape

May 30, 2009
I cannot use my fingers very well since the surgery so painter's tape helps to keep the brush in my hand

I cannot use my fingers very well since the surgery so painter's tape helps to keep the brush in my hand


The detail will have to come later after I get control of my hands but at least I can apply paint

The detail will have to come later after I get control of my hands but at least I can apply paint

I’m feeling pretty good and got a very good report from the heart surgeon this week.  But, the feeling is very slow to come back to my fingers and hands. I also get tired very easy. I am doing as much walking as I can.

Just very boring confined to the house, but I do get out.

Tried to paint but when the brush fell out of my hand and I had not realized it I figured I must be trying too soon to return to painting. However, my fingers are getting a little better, and painter’s tape can keep the brush in my hand.

Although detail is impossible I can apply color to large area and mix it on the canvas.

I can use pliers to open the paints but the process is slow going.

All said and done I feel good about my progress. Nick’s commissioned sailboat painting will be the first completed after I recover from surgery… I have also started on a traditional abstract painting as well. That one seems to work better with the painter’s tape.  In a way it provides new meaning to freeing up.


Nadia is taking to this Cowgirl stuff!

May 23, 2009

nadia and zuzannay003While Grand Daddy is on the mend…. Nadia makes sure she gets in a riding lesson on Echo. Zuzana puts Echo though his paces while Nadia learns about the thrill of the horse.

Nadia’s first request to John Olshefski after arriving in Huntsville, AL at 10:00PM was can I go ride Echo now?

Nadia turns 3 on May 26.

Update on Peter’s hands…. still numb and cant do very much with them. Doctor says the feeling should return in a few days.

Lime Light Artisit Show with Reception June 18, 2009

May 22, 2009

Lime Light Artist for June 1 – 30, 2009 at HAL Gallery. A reception for the artist will on the 18th from 6-8 PM.

More details to follow! It promises to be a wonderful evening. In celebration of Peter’s new repaired heart. the show is titled: RENEWED SPIRIT

Please plan on joining Peter for this special evening.  To help with a proper headcount please let us know at  THANKS!

The sponsors are Chef’s Table and Pinnacle Imports, INC.

Peter is hoping the feeling will return to his hands soon so he can type and start painting. But, he is glad to be home!

Time To Reflect

May 20, 2009
Foul Weather Gear On but Had no idea of the size of the Storm

Foul Weather Gear On but Had no idea of the size of the Storm

Monday told my Veterinarian ( affectionate name for my Internal Medicine Doctor) of burning in my chest
Tuesday he had me see my Cardioligst, Dr. Hunter, for a stress test.
Tuesday Dr. Hunter said no stress test to come in Wednesday for Heart Categorization.
Wednesday the results showed I had one artery blockage of 100% and one of 90%.
Thursday was day of tests for Double bypass surgery on Friday.
Doctors were so proud and pleased with my quick recovery. Doctor say I have strong heart just needed the artery work cleaned up.

Now I am recovering. Came home from Hospital on Tuesday.

Thanks to so many friends… and thanks for their prayers… and thanks for God’s strength to get me through this. Not having family this was a scary road to travel.

This was helpful: ISAIAH 41:10

Do not fear, for I am with you;
Do not anxiously look about you: For I Am your God. I will strengthen you, Surely, I will help you.
Surely I will uphold you with Righteous Right Hand.

Having said all this one would not have expected me to 1. have the courage to ask the doctor to investigate further. and 2. For me to have the strength to tolerate this path I have just come down.

Think the world was wonderful I found myself facing the biggest obstacle in my life.. and Through God, and my friends I have survived.

Can this really be me? Yes, it is! More on this soon, but right now can’t type anymore my fingers are too numb. I owe so much to so many! Praise, God!

The Sailboat Continues across open water

May 12, 2009
Unchartered Waters

Uncharted Waters









Played with sky and clouds over the last two days and not where I want it but have at least the idea set. Actually had not planned for the sky to be so involved, but since my paintings are on emotion…. things just happen. we will see where this sailboat takes us.

Mother’s Day Special

May 11, 2009
Saw this nest on Sunday and thought I would share it with you

Saw this nest on Sunday and thought I would share it with you.









Just seemed fitting for Mother’s Day! Painting update coming soon.

To all the Mothers I know and love! May you have a wonderful day!

May 10, 2009

And a little reminder to me:  Lord, strengthen me, and my attention to prayer.

Nick’s Sailboat painting has begun!

May 10, 2009


nick's sailboat002I have started… yes, I know Danny and Lisa are in the que ahead of Nick for their Charleston painting, but that one will have to wait.  So much involved with that painting. I have started it several times in my mind and have just said better rethink it. So in the mean time I started Nick’s ailboat painting. This painting is 36″ X 48″. One of my larger paintings, but I love large paintings so this one is working smoothly.

Enjoy the coming days.

Also, I hope to start a series on letters talking about my brother and others who have helped me along the way with my painting so check back often for these updates.

Back Home and Back to Painting.

May 8, 2009
Fish face lift...  updated

Fish face lift... updated









Got home from Nashville and thought I would update this fish painting like I did on the other one. Interesting I liked the yellow when I first did the paintings but the longer I looked at them the more they appear to be decorative rather than a true painting…

So the broad brush came out and I started applying color..