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Dear Lord, I’m grateful for your lifegiving promises.

April 29, 2009
Nadia and her boyfriend
Nadia and Jackson, her boyfriend








These  photographs I took at the Tropical Butterfly House in the Pacific Science Center In Seattle, Washington.










“Lake Racing on Scarlet” and “The Power of The Sail”

April 27, 2009
"Lake Racing on Scarlet"

"Lake Racing on Scarlet"

At first this painting was a struggle. I actually put it aside and questioned my path forward. Composition was the issue and so I broke it down and refocused on the sky.

I feel very comfortable with this painting today. The sky water and boats all show the power around us as we are sailing. Most often it is a beautiful world.

"The Power of The Sail"

"The Power of The Sail"

Holly wanted more color in the sky and Rhet wanted land since this is another lake painting.

I hope I satisfied each with a little change. I questioned if I needed to do either, but then said why not.  I did not add the color Holly was anticipating, but I feel good about making a change and introducing clouds with a bit of yellow.

What I am painting is my heart and I can share and change it. I’m flexible enough and relaxed enough to make the change.

I think the shoreline did add an interesting aspect to the painting, and the light clouds have brought a little more action to the work. Thanks. It will be interesting to see which one Rhett picks.

I have the“Lime Light” show at Huntsville Art League and gallery in June and I’m sure they will be on display there in the show.

More to follow on the “Lime Light” in June in the coming weeks.   Now back to the Que to see what is next!

New Heights Soar! Played My Best Golf This Weekend.

April 26, 2009
Almost finished...

Almost finished...

The Power of The Sail!

The Power of The Sail!

Played in a golf tournament this weekend and recorded my best golf score beating the old record by 10 points .  Needless to say I was thrilled.  Many have asked what has made the difference and I can only say that I felt more comfortable with myself and there was no pressure to win.  Only to go and just have fun with my friends.  I have attempted this so many times (this attitude) but yesterday it all just happened.  The calmness I speak of so often is starting to be natural. 
I did take a little time on Sunday to work on the two sailing paintings and believe they are moving to a completed stage.  Soon I will hang them on my studio walls and study them for a few weeks to determine if I am satisfied with the work.  I will only say they are finished after a time test.  Even then I might change my mind. 
My paintings are actually created through emotion.  Not through skill.  I am not a brick mason and so actual exactness is not my goal.  The exactness is what is in my heart and hopefully that spills on to the canvas.  What you see on my canvas is my heart and the love of what I am painting.  My paintings are purely abstract and so do not look for the exactness…. you will not find it.  If you look for correctness then you will miss the entire painting.  It is about emotion.    
These two paintings are nearing completion and I now have another 2 works added to the Que.    5 paintings are now on the list.   

Sailing is exciting!

April 22, 2009

Smooth Sailing and exciting!
Smooth Sailing and exciting!

Sorry been away for a while …. so it is time to update. Comments are more than welcome!

Two for One… working twice as hard

April 16, 2009
I'm enjoying this painting...

I'm enjoying this painting...

It is back... thought it needed more color  :-)

It is back... thought it needed more color 🙂

Thought I might work on both paintings at once. deadlines are coming and going… bummer…

The Citadel Brigadier Foundation, Inc. Receives a painting

April 13, 2009
"When Two Boats Sailing ... One is Racing"

"When Two Boats Sailing ... One is Racing"


      This painting is one of my favorites. I will donate this painting to The Citadel Brigadier Club for their annual auction. The actual value of this painting is $1,200 and will be given to the highest bidder at their auction next week.

For those of you wondering about the name. When one boat is sailing the skipper will often see another boat in the area if they are a similar tack you can be assured the other skipper is trying to either pass the first skipper or stay ahead of the boat.  There is just something about sailors and the desire to show off their seamanship.

John Olshefski will take the painting to Danny Quirk in Charleston for the auction. I trust they will have a very successful event. I had hoped to attend but schedule conflicts will keep me from making the trip.

Ge Clees  ( High resolution laserjet prints pronounced Ge-Clays  ) are available for this painting. Please contact or my cell 256.509.0449 for more details.

Why do I like this particular painting. Just the motion. The excitment you can almost feel the seas rolling beneath the hull. Hang on cause you are getting the most exciting ride of your life.

Progress smooth sailing I feel as though I’m passing through the jetty on this painting.

April 11, 2009
I cna feel this one.... progress

I can feel this one.... progress

Wow, I’m moving forward with this painting. Working slowly but making progress.

Rhett, I hope you are enjoying!

3 Mo. old Golden Retriver, Barley tells me to take a break from painting… he is my next portrait

April 10, 2009
Barley at 3 months owned by Steve and Tina Below

Barley at 3 months owned by Steve and Tina Below

This pup begs to be painted

This pup begs to be painted

Here I am trying to finish my current paintings and getting more work. This will be fun. Well heck they all are fun.

Holly, I can see another evening painting… like the night I did “Holly’s Dancer” (Penny) I’m looking forward to doing another portrait but back to the tasks at hand.

“Holly Dancer” was posted a few months ago.. so scroll down and find my portrait section to see Penny.

The Effort Continues!

April 9, 2009
I got seasick working the waves  :-)

I got seasick working the waves 🙂

The work contiunes and the mood and emotions are high. I’m thrilled with the progress. There is still a long ways to go and have not started the boat as you can see, but I focused on the water today. I feel good, but the entire time I was wishing I was on the water.

I drove past my boat today on way to Anniston… More inspiration

April 9, 2009
Yes, I like the feelings I'm getting from this composition

Yes, I like the feelings I'm getting from this composition

Today I was able to put a little time into my painting. I feel so comfortable with this composition. It is me and I can get free in the water. A long way to go… but today has been a good day. Must be thankful for the little things. I have a lot of little things!

Speaking of the calm day... Southern Star moored

Speaking of the calm day... Southern Star moored

As the deadline approaches for my two sailboat paintings work will become more determined this weekend. Check back and check often.