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January 29, 2009

This painting is 18″X18″ and is one I painted sometime ago but after looking at it for a while I thought I needed to put more life into the painting and add, yes more color. freedom0001


Update on Untitled Horses

January 29, 2009

Spent a few more hours of work on this painting and starting to feel btter about the progress. I hope you are enjoying seeing the changes.

Untitled horses up-date ENJOY the changes

Untitled horses up-date ENJOY the changes


January 28, 2009

I have chosen “Pasture Discussions” as the painting I will donate to Collector’s Draw this year.  This is one of Huntsville Art League (HAL) premier events and is our major fundraiser of the year. HAL solicits original art from local Tennessee Valley Artists. The art may range in value from $150 – $300. This art will be on exhibit at HAL during the month of January 2009.

On Jan. 31st, there will be a reception at HAL for the ticket holders and artists. On February 15th, the Draw will be held, at the North Hall of the Von Braun Center!

All the tickets go into a drum, and Steve Johnson of WHNT will draw them out one by one. The first person drawn will get their pick from the art. The second will get their pick from the remaining art. And so on till all the tickets are drawn. It makes for quite an entertaining afternoon!

Important Dates

Jan. 31, 2009 – Collector’s Draw Preview Reception at HAL, 6-8PM

Feb. 15, 2009 – Collector’s Draw, 4PM till it’s gone!

To purchase a ticket: drop into HAL, or mail a note with a check to HAL, or call 534-3860 with a Credit Card number.


Peter and Echo

January 27, 2009

I have not updated the painting so thought I might send an updated photo of Echo. He is doing great hanging at the barn with all his buds. He has some special riders that are exercising him and so he has plenty of company.

Peter and Echo

Peter and Echo

“Untitled Horses” day 2

January 19, 2009
Day 2 of "Untitled Horses"  Sky is taking shape

Day 2 of "Untitled Horses" Sky is taking shape

Today was spent working on the sky and introducing possible colors for the foreground and grass areas. You may notice the horses head on the far left was a bit to big (even for a painter who is not concerned with things being exact) so it had to change. At this point all I have done is apply white to cover parts of the head I did not like.

There is always a battle going on with trying to make it free brush strokes and very reactionary (as I teach in my free-up class) and trying to add just a little detail to bring out more character in the subjects.

If you have questions about the way I am doing something or the process please feel free to ask me. I will try to explain and make this a more interesting place to share ideas about my work and the progression of the paintings.

Someone did ask about my color selection.  Because I work so fast usually I mix the colors right on the canvas.   Selection of a color is not preplanned but I like to start with black and deep oranges and reds and just let things happen from there.  Not wanting to waste time 😉 mixing on a plate and then applying the color I go straight to the canvas. Color selection of comes from looking at what is already on the canvas and making an intuitive decision of contrast and or a complimentary selection. Ifit is not working I immediately apply more colors and mix it right there on the canvas.  Acrylics dry quickly so it is import to mix fast.  I like working with acrylics because easy to make changes and move so fast without “mudding” the colors.  Speed and freedom is the important point. It is what gives my paintings their excitement. Enjoy!

Monday updates to "Untitled Horses"

Monday updates to "Untitled Horses"

Untitled Horses

January 18, 2009
"Untitled Horses" 30" X 60" will get a new title as the painting develops

"Untitled Horses" 30" X 60" will get a new title as the painting develops

Moving into another painting.. and I am feeling pretty good about this one as I start it again. This painting was started about a month ago. Not far into the painting I had to put into the feed bend. Now I have renewed excitement and the right attitude to move forward again. I changed the composition and changed the way the horizon is coming into the painting from the upper left corner and moving to the right. This change I feel is a more pleasing angle and will cause the painting to move a bit more and be pleasing to the viewer’s eye.
I told my Free-Up art class I love to place a moon or Sun in my work to give the painting a little more security. I love the effect of how the circle brings a focus and a place of calmness to the work. It is a place where the eye of the viewer can rest as the painting is studied.

I am excited because this painting is now taking on the same style of “On The Road”. Enjoy the progress and I will post another update soon!


January 17, 2009

I do not try to paint details but try to capture moments in time… Often it is the colour of the subject that plays heavy on how I feel about a successful painting.  Here are two works I have done that are portraits.

Dertermination and Stronged will is "Jenny's Jack"


Although, I do not usually paint what I see (often it is what I feel) here are two paintings I did of Jack and Penny. Jack is an outstanding roping quarter horse that is now retired, but in his day he had the fire of the best of them. Now retired he lives comfortably with Jenny Hudson. If you look you will see Jack still knows how to stare down a cow and even the possible cowboy looking to be the boss. Jack knows his place and knows his job. And he does it well. I hope this painting shows the strength, determination, and fire of Jack. Jenny says I captured him in this 30″ x 30″ acrylic painting.

Penny on the other hand is a small Rat Terrier (and yes those are real ears).  She has the heart of Jack but in a much smaller package.  And the  heart is made of gold.  She is one of the smartest dogs I know or have known. She captures your heart immediately. Penny belongs to my “adopted” daughter, Holly who now lives in Austin, Texas.   Holly is far more than my daughter she is my blessing.  At Thanksgiving Holly asked me to do a painting of Penny… at that moment I knew this would be an easy task. 

Oh, Amanda, Josh, Michael, and Nadia you are my  blessings too!

Since I paint with feeling if the feeling is there everything just flows. However, if the mood is not at the point or peak it needs to be then the work becomes slow. Not this time the feelings were there and I nailed her quickly. She is ready to jump to you and tell you how much she loves you… that is Penny.


This is "Holly's Dancer"  there is nothing cuter than when she is standing on her hind legs dancing in the kitchen for a treat.

My best paintings often come quickly while the ones I do not always feel as comfortable with have taken days and weeks. I am often asked by the viewer of my work how long did it take to do that. Some of you are saying well from the looks of it not very long :-). But, actually for some paintings a night or two of determined constant work can produce a painting I am proud to hang.

Sometimes the painting goes on the wall and I look at it for a few days to see if I think it will begin to stand the test of time. Some do and some don’t they go back in the feed bend for another day of work or another week of work.  By the way “Three Running Horses” is back in the feed bend for study.

I hope you enjoy these two paintings and have a better understanding of what goes into my paintings. ENJOY!

Here is a phot of the dancer...  With her Mississippi State Jersey on.  Yes, she is a graduate onf MSU and she loves to say, "Go Bulldogs!"

“On The Road”

January 12, 2009

This painting is the first in a series for the 2009 “Road To The Horse” Competition. More on this show to come in future postings. This painting will be presented to the winner of the comeptition. As a special offer you may purchase a signed giclee” print of this painting. At this time I am offering a special price of $85 for a print. At the show the price will be $150. So this is a great opportunity.

To purchase a  print contact me at  Thanks!


"On The Road"  painted for "Road To THE Horse" show and competition

"On The Road" painted for "Road To THE Horse" show and competition

Three Horses on the Run (Continues)

January 12, 2009

When you see a signature the work will be done. Still not happy with the way this painting is developing. I believe the blending of the colors is not as suttle as I would like it.  So today will be a day of study and thought and maybe not much painting. I have others to work on.

The struggle continues! And continues!

The struggle continues! And continues!

Three Horses on the Run

January 11, 2009

Here is the latest… not sure I am at all satisfied with the way it looks.. a real struggle.. Still too wild from what I had inveissioned

another update... hope it is getting better

another update... hope it is getting better